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T-Shaped Desks

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A T shaped desk is perfect for two people and can be installed in a home office or business. The T shaped desks we have are modular and can be purchased to meet the needs of your space. Customizations you can make to the desk are the desktop size, finish and storage options which could include a hutch and drawers. In most cases new desks and office furniture we sell ships out in as little as 3-5 business days.

T-Shaped Desks for Two People

T-Shaped Desks are perfect for rooms or offices that need space for two people. Additionally, if you want to create a workstation for 4 people, all you have to do is purchase a second set of desks and place them back to back to create a large plus shaped desk. T-Shaped Desks can have a number of accessories which you can add or subtract from any desk set.

Optional accessories include:

 • Locking Drawers
 • Hutch
 • Overhead Storage Cabinets
 • Side Storage Cabinets
 • Keyboard Trays
 • Computer Monitor Arms
 • Computer Tower Mounts
 • Task Lights
 • Office Chairs
 • Guest Chairs
 • Desktop Electrical Outlets
 • Lateral Filing Cabinets
 • Acrylic, Glass or Fabric Privacy Panels

The desks we sell are manufactured with Laminate tops and your choice of laminate or silver steel base.

Common laminate tops are available in Cherry, Dark Walnut, Modern Walnut, White, Mahogany, Espresso, and White finishes.

Color samples:

Dark Walnut
Modern Walnut

A dual or double T shape desk for two people or more is perfect for office spaces where staff work consistently side-by-side on projects. These can be installed into larger rooms in groups or as desk pods and the environment can be subtly divided with free standing office partitions that not only provide privacy but also create a sound barrier to reduce noise and distractions.

T-Shaped Desks range in size from 4.5 FT to 7.5 FT in length on either end. Most commonly, 6x6 units are installed in groups of two, four or more. Whatever size workstation you need, just let us know your requirements, call (608) 831-1012 to order!