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How to Receive Your Freight Shipment

Step 1

Unload product and collect paperwork.

When your shipment arrives, you will be responsible for removing the pallets from the truck using a forklift or pallet jack unless additional shipping services were requested at the time of order. If you purchased lift-gate service because you do not have a loading dock, please note that this service does not include moving the freight into your home or business. You are solely responsible to move and install your items after the lift-gate has been dropped.

You will get two documents: Delivery Receipt and BOL (Bill of Landing)

The driver will provide you with a delivery receipt.

The BOL is in a small plastic envelope that is taped to the top area of the pallet. Look for an orange rectangle that reads: PACKING SLIP ENCLOSED.

Step 2

Upon Receipt – Visually inspect all pallets and cartons

Before the driver leaves walk completely around each pallet and visually inspect all items.

The shipment should arrive stacked evenly and banded.

  • If there is any visible damage you must mark “DAMAGED” on the delivery driver’s receipt.
  • Damage includes boxes that are crushed, ripped, have holes, scuff marks, shoe prints, or any product falling off pallet.

Don't refuse the shipment and don’t feel rushed.

Before the delivery driver leaves count the number of pallets and items to ensure that all product was delivered. Smaller items may be combined into a larger box.

Note any discrepancies on the delivery receipt.

If all items are in good condition, and your order is complete, sign delivery receipt free and clear.

If the delivery receipt is signed and damage and discrepancies are not noted, your claim will be denied.

Step 3

Complete the delivery inspection

Within 48 hours of delivery all items must be externally inspected for damage and reconciled with the BOL. Review that each of the boxes you received match your bill of lading and are correct as ordered on your order acknowledgment.

Prior to installation all boxes and packages must be inspected internally for damages.

In the event of damage or defective items:


Do not throw away cartons or packing materials until instructed to do so by Madison Liquidators.
Your claim will be denied if you discard packaging material or begin assembly of any damaged products.

  • Take photos of the damaged box before removing the items.
  • Take photos of the damaged area and the entire box including the item number and PO number on the outside of the box.

Step 4

Contacting Madison Liquidators and filing a claim

If there is external damage or shortage you must contact Madison Liquidators within 48 hours of delivery receipt.

Your claim will be denied if external damage or shortages are reported after 48 hours.

When filing a claim, the following information is required:

  • Order or Invoice Number
  • SKU number, quantity affected
  • Description of damage
  • Pictures of the damage
  • Pictures of the box where the damage occurred.
  • Picture of the overall box if taken out of carton
  • Signed delivery receipt noting that the order was received with damaged upon arrival

Contact Madison Liquidators customer support (608) 831-1012 to report damages or shortages:

Damaged merchandise must be held in the original packaging with all original packing material at the location the product was delivered to until the claim is resolved. Delivery disposition can take up to 120 days. Disposal of the damaged product or packaging voids the claim.