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Sit Stand Desks

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A sit stand desk can be custom ordered to accommodate the needs of any home office or business. It is perfect for anyone who works long hours sitting down at their desk. They allow you to stand up and continue working instead of needing to get up and take time away from your desk. If you have any questions, our talented sales team is here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call at (608) 831-1012 to get started today.

Benefits of Having a Stand Up Desk

You will benefit most from a sit to stand desk if you are someone who works at their desk all day. Sitting down for long periods of time is not good for you and can lead to back pain, muscle strain, back stiffness and other health problems that can cause long lasting effects. Being able to stand up while working will help reduce aches and pains while also promoting better circulation. An ergonomic sit stand desk will help to encourage a healthier work environment by allowing you to stand up and continue working instead of needing to take time away from your desk. You will be comfortable working long hours at your desk and you will also be able to get more done in less time.

Types of Adjustable Height Desks for the Home or Office

  • Rectangular Height Adjustable Desks - These consist of an electric height adjustable desk frame and you can choose desktops in different lengths, widths and multiple finish options. They are perfect for the home office or business.
  • L Shaped Adjustable Height Desk - Our L Shaped sit stand desk has an electric frame with a larger desktop that provides more work space. It is available in different sizes and finishes.
  • Crank Adjustable Height Desk - This model is a more affordable option seeing as it does not use an electric motor, it has a hand crank that you can pull out from underneath the desk top and you rotate it to move the desk up and down. It is available in different sizes and finishes.
  • Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk - Here is another option that does not rely on electricity. When you push down on the lever and either push the desk down or pull it up, it gives you an effortless transition between sitting and standing. It is available in different sizes finishes.
  • Sit Stand Gaming Desk - The gaming desk is available in different sizes and multiple finish options. There are also many accessories that you can purchase to complement this desk.

Standing Desk Accessories

There are many accessories to consider when getting a sit stand desk that includes single or dual monitor arm mounts, they can be attached to the desk by a clamp or grommet mount. You can also purchase casters, desk mount power module, cord management under table wire rack, hanging set of metal pedestal drawers, compact free standing metal pedestal drawers, acrylic privacy panels, magnetic glass panels and more!

If you are not read to upgrade and get a new desk, we also have sit-to-stand desk risers available in both standard and compact versions. You simply place the riser on your stationary desk and you can easily switch between different height options by pressing down on the lever. The riser uses hydraulic gas pistons to move and you can effortlessly pick it up and move between tables and desks as needed.

Small vs Large Standing Desks

How much space you have available and who you are shopping for will determine what size desk you will need to get. If you are shopping for a child, you would most likely need to get a smaller kids adjustable height desk where an adult would probably benefit from a larger model. We will work with you to help you find the best desk based on your needs and the layout of your space.