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At Madison Liquidators we strive to offer quality office furniture and having made our mark in the liquidation industry, you know you’re always getting the best prices! So because we have furniture at lower prices than our competitors does that mean our office furniture is cheap? Absolutely not, the vast majority of the lines we carry are backed by a minimum of a 5 year warranty and many of the lines are backed by warranties that can last a lifetime!

We understand your needs and that the needs of every business is different. By having spent many years in the industry we know how to cater to those needs, whether they mean fast and affordable or high-end and luxury. We have office furniture that meets almost any budget and in most cases can have that furniture delivered to you in a flash.

Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture can be a great option as opposed to buying new. Startups and new businesses who are trying to get themselves established should always consider buying used as it is generally a more affordable option in the short run. In the long run however, there are new options that can be aggressively priced and will outlast a set of used office furniture.

One of the biggest drawbacks to buying used office furniture is your office will generally look hodge-podge as it is difficult to find a full matching set of used office furniture. Nevertheless, when buying a set of used office furniture, you can work directly with your local office furniture company to help you choose the right pieces that will be a good fit for your company. If you furnish an entire business, it’s likely they will pass discounts on to you if you ask. A reasonable discount on a set of desks, filing cabinets, tables and chairs might be 10% off your order total or possibly free delivery.

When buying used office furniture it is important to shop around. Locally, you should consider which of the office furniture companies near you are selling the most used office furniture and work with them. Why? Because the companies who sell the most are most likely giving out the best deals and offering the furniture at a reasonable price. Many office furniture dealers may substantially mark up the costs of used office furniture for the fact that it is expensive to source, move, store and advertise.

Use your best judgement here, if you feel like you are getting a good deal and the office furniture company is treating you well, then you probably have made a good choice! Whenever possible, elect to have the company you are purchasing from deliver and install the furniture. Why? Because office furniture can be extremely heavy and awkward to move. In many cases you will have to track down oversize vehicles or make multiple trips to move the furniture. In some cases office furniture dealers have an in house delivery team that can get the furniture delivered to you for less then cost to rent a truck and gas!

When shopping for used office furniture for your business you will want to search for the following items:

  • Enough desks or workstations for your entire staff – Upper level management should receive their own desk while you may consider open office floor plans for the rest of your staff. This can work to keep startup costs down.
  • Filing cabinets – Yes, even though we are storing 99% of our files on computers, you will still need a place to store miscellaneous paperwork such as your LLC filings paperwork, seller’s permits or trademarks.
  • Storage Cabinets – This is likely more important to a small business then filing cabinets but could be overlooked. When your office becomes cluttered with odds and ends you are going to want a place to put them, so metal or laminate storage cabinets will play a crucial role in keeping your business neat and organized. These can be a little more difficult to find then filing cabinets, so if you find a good deal on a used storage cabinet, don’t think twice, just grab it!
  • Office Chairs – This has likely not slipped your mind, but you’re going to want to find comfortable chairs for everyone in your office. It’s a great idea to have each staff member pick out their own chair because a chair that is comfortable to one person might not sit well with the next. If you are buying a lot of chairs, it never hurts to ask if they can provide a discount. You have a 50/50 chance of saving a bit of money here and it never hurts to ask!
  • Guest Chairs – You may or may not have thought of this one. If you are new business the idea may have slipped by but in any case, you should budget for it when outfitting your office. Every managerial desk should have a pair of guest chairs for meetings. These are most commonly placed at the end of a U shaped desk in a private office and will work to serve visitors of all types, customers, clients, coworkers and other visitors to your office.
  • Waiting Room Seating – This could comprise of a few nice guest chairs, a sofa, loveseat or club chairs. It is rare to find gently used sofa’s and loveseats that are made for businesses but if you find one that suits your taste, this is another good buy if you can find it reasonably priced.
  • Tables – You may need a range of tables including breakroom tables, conference tables, as well as coffee tables and end tables for your waiting room. Deals on these items used are hit and miss. If you are looking to purchase them used, you will always save money but you’re limited to what you are able to find.
  • Cubicles – Yes, you can even purchase used cubicles! One thing to take into consideration if you choose to purchase them used is that you will need to have them installed in the same configuration as they were before they were taken down. If you choose to change the layout, you could find yourself missing parts! This is not something we recommend purchasing without installation, otherwise (unless you have experience) you could find the project daunting. Whoever you are buying your cubicles from should offer installation, otherwise, it might be best to steer clear!

Those right there are the big-ticket items you will want to consider when purchasing used office furniture. As always, take your time and shop around, find the best deals and purchase the furniture you like. Buying used office furniture is always a cheap alternative to buying new when you are on a budget and sometimes, you can walk away with some serious high end furniture and a fraction of the price of what it would cost new.

A couple of great examples for you are Steelcase Leap chairs which retail for an excess of $1,000 a piece and can be purchased on the gently used market for somewhere between $250 and $350 a chair. Steelcase Criterion chairs are similar and can be found in many used office furniture stores priced between $40 and $150 a piece where they otherwise sell for $1,000 a piece.

In the realm of desks, a used solid wood executive desk might sell for $1,500 while a new solid wood desk could run $25,000. Why is it so much cheaper? Because they are heavy and you have to be okay with that.

Used Office Furniture

Pictured is our used office furniture showroom. On display we have several laminate desks, stacking chairs, metal bookcases, filing cabinets, folding tables and storage cabinets. These items are since sold and if you would like to view our current stock, please check our used office furniture inventory page.

On a final note, from a long time dealer of Used Office Furniture, if you are shopping for desks, look specifically for laminate desks that were manufactured in the last 5-10 years. While these may be a bit more expensive on the front end, they come at a discount, are reasonable in terms of weight and can hold up to years of use without showing the slightest bit of tear. You can also ask the dealer if they have any scratch and dent floor models that they are looking to get rid of!

Home Office Furniture

In the last year, working from home has become the new normal for white collar workers. Workers across the United States have been setting up home offices not only to stay healthier but to ease the burden of transportation. If you are one of those people, you have likely considered home office furniture but might not be 100% sure what your options are or what would be best for you.

Well, let’s say, there are a lot of options for the home office and prices range from cheap to high end luxury and everywhere in between. So, economically what should you consider? In our humble opinion, if it is good enough for a business, it is good enough for your home. However, if a piece of furniture is made specifically for the home office, it might not be considered for use in a corporate setting.

So, what exactly is the different between home office furniture and commercial office furniture? The biggest difference is going to be how it is manufactured and the materials it is constructed with. We see it often, home office furniture is usually inexpensive and when it comes to moving, it starts falling apart. The higher end commercial furniture, which you should consider for your home is made out of stronger materials and won’t fall apart in the event that you need to move. In fact, you don’t even have to take the desk apart, usually a commercial grade desk will move easily with no risk of breaking.

In either case, there are a lot of great desks and office furniture sets out there for your home, the options are almost limitless it seems. Something to consider when buying home office furniture is checking the warranty to see how long the manufacturer will back it in terms of durability. If the desk is backed a one year warranty, you might expect to get a year out of it, and if you move it, it might break. If it is backed by a 5-25 year warranty, you are in good shape. These products tend to last a lot longer and can stand up to the everyday riggers you might put it through when working from home.

Home Office Furniture

Pictured is a home office desk for two people. Down the middle is a shared space with storage cabinets and hutch. The workstation is a perfect his and hers solution for the home office.

If form is a major factor over function, warranty might not be an issue for you. If you plan to set your desk in place and not move it again, you might be in good shape installing a basic home office desk. Always consider the cost of moving the desks, if you plan on moving to a new home and how it will hold up over the years. Looks is very important but investing your money into a quality piece of office furniture that can stand the test of time will keep you from having to buy more new furniture down the line.

Modern Office Furniture

There is nothing quite like a good looking piece of modern office furniture. The right furniture can go a long way to providing a productive workspace that you look forward to working in every day. A good set of modern office furniture will typically have clean lines and accents in all the right places. These desks typically run a premium and may be a bit more complicated to setup when compared to casegoods office furniture but will add elegant touches exactly where they are needed.

A true piece of modern office furniture is really what pleases your eye. What you like is most important here and while function plays a secondary role it is important to consider what storage options your modern office furniture will provide.

Modern Office Furniture

Pictured is a beautiful modern U shaped desk with clean lines and silver accent legs and cabinet handles. The desk set features a wall mount storage cabinet, a free standing storage cabinet and drawers at the back of the workstation, the true definition of a modern office desk.

Ultimately, a modern office shouldn't feel like an impossible to achieve and is an obtainable goal by making the right choices about the design of your office. To do this start first by choosing the right paint color and flooring. After this is done, select office furniture that will properly make use of the space that is available in your office. When choosing furniture it is important to make sure you have enough storage, if you are lacking on storage, things that you have no place to store will ultimately clutter your office.

Colors like black, white and silver will go a long way to giving you a modern look in your office. These can be used as accents that are contrasting with the paint, flooring and other pieces in your office. Additionally, some nice artwork or photographs hung on the wall can give the modern and polished look you are seeking to obtain.

Modular Office Furniture

If you’re going to buy office furniture, you should buy something that is modular. What is modular office furniture? Modular office furniture is something that can be customized to meet your exact needs in regards to space and storage. If you are looking at a series of office furniture, it is most likely modular and allows you to select different size components to create the perfect desk for you.

Modular components of a U shaped desk for example include the main desk shell, a bridge, a credenza and your choice of storage which can include two sets of drawers and a hutch for additional storage. The bridge, in most cases is available in several different lengths. This is the piece that connects the front and back of the desk to create the U shape.

Similarly, an L shaped desk is made up a main desk shell and a return. The return in most cases is available in varying lengths and the main desk that you work at will be available in a number of different lengths and depths.

Modular Office Furniture

Pictured is modular U shaped desk that features a bow-front desk shell, a curved bridge on the left, credenza with box/box/file pedestal drawers, a paper flow, hutch and matching storage cabinet on the right.

Modular Office Components include:

  • Desk Shell, D-Top Peninsula Desk Shell or Corner Desk Shell
  • Return or Bridge
  • Credenza Desk Shell
  • Box/Box/File Pedestal Drawers
  • File/File Pedestal Drawers
  • Hanging Pedestal Drawers
  • Hutch
  • Wall Mount Storage Cabinet
  • Keyboard Trays
  • Pencil Drawers
  • Free-Standing Storage Cabinets
  • 2, 3 or 4 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinets
  • Personal Storage Cabinet or Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Bookcases
  • Meeting Tables

These components can be mixed and matched to create an attractive and functional office for you or your staff. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we can recommend you find an office furniture catalog that has modular components and tape them out with masking tape in your office space. This will give you a good idea of how the furniture will fit in your office. After all, you may be the best judge of what you need.

If however, you want help selecting the right office furniture for your business, you can leave it to the professionals! Most office furniture dealers have trained designers that can help you layout a single office or a business with many offices. Just be sure you are working with a reputable dealer which has experience in the industry and is able to provide you with 2D line drawings and 3D renderings of your finished product.

If you need help in this respect, just give us a call at (608) 831-1012 and let our design team come up with floor plans for you! So there it is in a nutshell, modular office furniture that can be selected based on the components you need to be productive at work!

Executive Office Furniture

Executive office furniture offers a timeless feel and is perfect for private upper management offices. This furniture commonly features a large U shaped desk with ample storage to keep the office free of clutter, guest chairs for meetings and possibly a round table or small conference table for larger meetings in the executives office. Some executive offices also feature sit to stand height adjustable spaces to allow the executive to get up and standing while at his or her desk.

When you are shopping to furnish an executive office, you want to be sure to select a series that not only defines the executive but also the company that is being represented. In some cases, you may be purchasing aggressively priced affordable office furniture or you might be seeking luxury and high end executive office furniture. In either scenario, the office layout will likely be incredibly similar where the quality of the product, not the layout is the determining factor of look of the final product.

If your company is well established and has a good outlook for the next several decades it is in your best interest to go with an executive office furniture set that reflects a solid foundation and is backed by a warranty that extends as long as you think you will need the furniture. These luxury executive office furniture sets are sometimes backed with lifetime warranties or 25 year warranties depending on what manufacturing material you move forward with.

Three popular options for executive office furniture are solid wood, veneer and laminate. Laminate will always be the more affordable of the three options, is generally lighter and produced rapidly in factories who specialize in manufacturing furniture at a rapid pace and could be delivered to you in as little as 3 days and up to 4-6 weeks.

Office furniture that is made with solid wood and veneer are typically custom pieces and can take longer to manufacture. They are also much heavier, so shipping costs, installation and assembly costs are increased to reflect the high demands of dealing with solid wood office furniture.

Executive Office Furniture

Pictured is an executive office desk that features a bowfront desk and credenza storage wall behind the executive. Adequate storage is always recommended to help keep offices free of clutter. To the right of the desk are club chairs and a side table that finish off a modern polished look in this executive office. This desk is a part of the Concept 70 series by Groupe Lacasse, manufactured with high-pressure laminate and backed by a 25 year warranty.

Ultimately the look of your executive office furniture will largely be reflected by the budget you have at your disposal. An affordable low-end executive desk manufactured with laminate may price in around $1,200. A high-end laminate executive desk will come in around $3,000 while a solid wood or veneer desk may run you around $7,500. Keep in mind, these prices do not include other accessories you will need which might include a leather chair, storage cabinets, bookcases, guest chairs, filing cabinets, club chairs and meeting tables.

If your company needs one or more executive desks and other office furniture, we welcome you to give us a call at (608) 831-1012 to have your job quoted on a line-by-line basis where you will receive 2D floor plans, 3D renderings of the finishes product and a detailed estimate to complete your job.

Discount Office Furniture

If you’re looking for discount office furniture, you have come to the right place. At Madison Liquidators we are dedicated to getting our customers the best deals possible making quality office furniture affordable. We have  a number of avenues we can explore when it comes to quoting your office furniture job, whether it is one desk or an entire office building, we have methods that we apply generously to keep the costs down, so you can get higher end product from us for less than you would pay anywhere else.

Our discount program is not a one size fits all solution, meaning in every scenario has a number of factors to take into consideration before discounts can be applied. Here are some things that are taken into account when applying discounts to your office furniture purchase.

Quantity - If you are purchasing a lot of something, furnishing an entire office, an office building or buying anything in bulk, you are likely to qualify for discounts based on quantity alone. When you purchase in bulk, you are committing yourself and your businesses resources with us and in turn, we apply discounts where-ever possible.

Availability – If the item you are purchasing has been recently liquidated from a business and we are holding large quantities of the item, chances are you already receiving it at a steeply discounted rate. On the other side of the token, if a product is in high demand or we have few available, discounts on top of our current rates may not be possible. Supply and demand plays a large role in this category.

Closeouts – Sometimes manufacturers extend discounts to us on furniture that is being removed from their product line. Although we might or might not be advertising these deals, they are frequently available. This discount can be provided to you in full however you should make a special request with our sales team to see if there is any furniture that is being discontinued that would work for your project. Just because something is being discontinued doesn’t mean it’s not high quality and would still have the same warranty as any other new pieces you purchase from us!

Logistics – Location and logistics are a big determining factor with applying discounts on standard or large orders. In some cases we are able to apply discounts when you bundle in delivery and assembly services, or discounts may be received depending on the region of United States you are located in.

Discount Desk

Pictured is a discounted desk which we keep overstocked in our warehouse. By doing this, we reduce the cost of logistics and are able to offer this workstation at a discounted rate. Normally the desk sells for $470.00, however it is discounted to just $370.00 per desk!

The long and short of it is that we will go out of our way to provide you with discount office furniture whenever possible! If something is not quite meeting your budget or you need to save some, just let our sales team know your budget so they can work with you to get the best office furniture possible!

Commercial Office Furniture

When it comes to buying office furniture for your business, you want to know that you are getting quality furniture. At Madison Liquidators we specialize in commercial office furniture and provide it to businesses at a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere. How are we able to do this? Providing discounted commercial office furniture is our specialty! Where other companies are marking up bills to increase their profit margins we are lowering our bills to make our apples-to-apples furniture more affordable!

Commercial office furniture is typically manufactured to a higher degree of quality than typical office furniture you might buy for your home. What’s the difference? Home office furniture is made with cheaper materials like particle board where commercial office furniture is manufactured with solid wood, veneer, or a combination of performance laminate with high-density particle board that is saturated with excessive amounts of glue that makes the furniture higher quality and light.

Businesses usually need these types of desks and workstations:

  • Reception Desks
  • Executive Desks
  • Managerial Desks
  • Open Office and Team Workstation Pods
  • Cubicle Workstations
  • Telemarketing Cubicles

Other types of furniture around the office include:

  • Filing Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Café Tables
  • Conference Tables
  • Waiting Room Furniture
  • Guest Seating
  • Task Chairs
  • Office Chairs
  • Conference Room Chairs

When you are furnishing your business, you will want to take all of these items into account when determining your budget. Because of the costs, some businesses will deploy their projects in phases which can help ease the burden of upfront costs of furnishing a business.

Making a purchase of commercial office furniture can be somewhat time consuming but if you go into the process of a good idea of what you are looking for, a good designer can help make some important decisions for you. When having your project quoted, you should start with quoting everything you want. From there, if cuts need to be made, line items that are not essential can be removed and added at a later date. A good example of items that could be removed are things like keyboard trays, task lights, monitor arms and extra desks that are in your plan for business growth.

At Madison Liquidators we are able to help customers with all of their business interior needs which can include paint color, carpet, sourcing third party contractors such as electricians for providing power and networking data in your offices and cubicles as well as providing delivery and installation service. Depending on the scope of your project, all of these moving parts add up and having someone who is experienced in commercial office furnishing service goes a long way to making the process smooth and efficient.

White Desk for 4 People

Pictured is a gorgeous white 4 person desk that has side panels for privacy and plenty of storage. Clean lines of the furniture are accented with a sleek gray cushion on rolling pedestal drawers and light blue panels to give the workstation a splash of color.

When working with us you will receive one-on-one service with our sales team and work with a dedicated designer. This designer will over-see your project from start to finish. At the start we will create a floor plan for your that works to serve your company best given the industry you are in and your needs as an employer. From there 2D line drawing and 3D renderings will be provided to you so you can envision the space before making your purchase. Finally, you will receive a line-by-line estimate that details your project and you will be given the opportunity to add more furniture or remove un-necessary line items to meet your budget.

From start to finish, we will walk you through the process and ensure that you expectations are exceeded when you receive the finished product! Give us a call to get started!

Office Furniture Liquidators

As office furniture liquidators, we specialize in the procurement of and transfer of ownership of office furniture from one business or person to another. Large scale business liquidations often times result in a large amount of overstocked furniture that is then resold to customers at bargain prices. Our goal as liquidators is not only to provide furniture at affordable prices but to also serve as a green and sustainable office furniture solution as compared to our competitors who frequently dispose of used office furniture in the landfill.

From the start, our mission has been to find and relocate office furniture as efficiently as possible. Sometimes this comes at a cost to the owner of the furniture while other times the furniture may be hauled away for free or they might be paid for the furniture. Every scenario and every liquidation is different and depending on the logistics and conditions of the marketplace, office furniture that has been liquidated is priced accordingly.

We frequently liquidate desks, cubicles, office chairs, tables, filing cabinets, storage cabinet, appliances, office equipment, storage shelves and décor from businesses. Shortly after these liquidations occur the items become available on our website and in our showroom. Customers who keep tabs on our used office furniture inventory page are then able to poach the best deals from these liquidations.

Businesses that are looking to have their offices liquidated need only to give us a call and let us know some of the details of what items you are looking to get rid of. In most cases we will ask for photos that well represent the office furniture you are trying to get rid of and your timeline to have it removed from your space. If we have the resources and capacity to handle your liquidation, we will provide you with details on how we will proceed and conduct the liquidation on a schedule.

Office Furniture Liquidation

Pictured is a batch of liquidated office furniture shortly after arriving into one of our warehouses. As you can see in the photo, care is taken to move and store the furniture in a safe and efficient manner.

To stay on top of liquidated items that entire our warehouses, we suggest you keep an eye on our used office furniture page where items are posted shortly after we receive them. All of these items are first come first served as each item is unique and not always available in large quantities! If you want to reserve items you can give us a call and place a deposit on the items to create a hold while you make time in your schedule to view them in person!

If you are looking for specific items that are not available on our website, just let our sales team know and they can check to see if there are items scheduled to be liquidated that might fit your needs!

Office Furniture Warehouse

Our office furniture warehouse is packed with amazing deals on new and gently used office furniture! Our 13,000 square foot facility located in Madison Wisconsin has a constant supply of liquidated office furniture as well as a great selection of new, affordable office furniture.

When you enter our facility you are greeted with a smile and an inviting reception area that shows off some of our higher-end office furniture. Each office doubles as a functioning showroom where height adjustable workstations lit with custom lighting and large storage walls which help display the product we have on hand as well as to demonstrate how to keep work places clean and tidy by providing adequate storage for each employee.

As you make your way through our facility you will find yourself directly in the warehouse where we showcase an offering of new office furniture that is tailored to meet the demands of most small and medium sized businesses. On display you will find height adjustable sit to stand desks, reception desks, L shaped desks, executive U shaped desks, conference tables, training tables, office chairs, guest chairs, stacking chairs, cubicles and more.

In the back end of our warehouse you will find the used section, here you will find our most affordable office furniture where items can be purchased at up to 75% off what they would normally sell for if they were new, and sometimes, that discount reflects furniture that is like new!

We invite you to stop by our facility where liquidated office furniture stored in a warehouse means you are getting deals at a fraction of the cost of our competitors! Visit us in Middleton Wisconsin today!

Medical Office Furniture

From hospitals to long-term health care facilities and clinics of all types, we have medical office furniture solutions that can meet every demand which includes laboratories, pharmacies, emergency and procedure rooms. Between the Groupe Lacasse Neocase and Harmonia series furniture and cabinetry along side Via Seating anti-microbial and anti-viral chairs, we have furniture that can be deployed on demand which is manufactured in North America and modular in every sense you rooms can be laid out exactly how you need them.

The Harmonia series by Groupe Lacasse is suited for the following applications:

  • Exam Room
  • Lounge / Cafeteria
  • Nursing Station
  • Patient Room
  • Waiting Area

The Neocase series by Groupe Lacasse has modular pieces that are suited for:

  • Exam Rooms
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy

Nursing Station

Pictured is a nursing station which is a part of the Harmonia Series. Matching furniture for exam rooms, and long term care rooms is also available.


The Neocase series works to furnish pharmacies, labs and exam rooms alike.

If you are looking to furnish a hospital or health care facility, please contact our sales team who can help you with floor plans including furniture, cabinetry, paint colors and flooring.

Inexpensive Office Furniture

Inexpensive office furniture doesn’t need to mean cheap and low quality, it certainly can in some instances, but it really depends on what you are looking for! If you are looking to drop the least expensive desk you can possibly find into a warehouse where it’s appearance doesn’t really matter, then checking with your local office furniture dealers or running a quick search on Craigslist is probably your best bet!

Now, yes, we are an office furniture company and we just referred you to two other sources other than us for possible cheap sources for a new desk, filing cabinet or other office furniture. But here’s the deal, if you are not in the Madison Wisconsin area, these might be your best bet for finding office furniture on a tight budget. Be prepared though, you are going to have to move the furniture yourself or you might be looking at some delivery charges! So a large vehicle might be needed.

If you’re looking for something a little better, that will look nice and hold up to years of service, we can recommend a product that is manufactured with performance laminate. This type of laminate tends to be inexpensive but not so cheap that it will just fall apart when you try to move it. When you are furnishing an entire business, this type of inexpensive office furniture can help your business get started, provide it with a solid foundation and more importantly, provide you with quality office furniture that you can depend on for years to come!

Inexpensive Desk

Pictured is a desk shell by Express Office Furniture. The desk shell is modular and can be paired with a return to create an L shaped desk, a bridge and credenza to create a U shape or just how it is with drawers for storage!

Inexpensive Desk with Drawers

Here is the same desk with a set of drawers, keeping it inexpensive but still quality backed by a 5 year warranty.

Long story short with office furniture, it’s important to find a desk that will meet your expectations and your budget. Just because it is manufactured with high-quality materials doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. For the savvy shopper that are always great deals to be had!

Office Furniture Outlet

Our office furniture outlet consists of a 14,000 square foot facility that features 3 different showroom. First, you will find our fully functional working office showroom where you can see our staff working at workstations that are furnished with the office furniture we sell. This helps to give you an idea of what the office furniture will look like in a fully operational business or home office.

Next in our office furniture outlet is our new office furniture showroom which showcases some of our most popular lines of new office furniture. Each collection that is featured showcases a number of pieces that are included in each line and gives you a preview of the finishes available and different ways you can set your office up.

Lastly, after you have had time to browse all of our new office furniture lines you get the opportunity to browse affordable and discounted office furniture pieces that range from scratch and dent to gently used and ready to go back to work. This gently used office furniture comes in from local area businesses where the furniture is liquidated and put up for sale at discounted rates. Local area businesses not only benefit from the liquidation service but also can come to us to setup or expand their business on a budget.

Our office furniture outlet does everything it can to cater to businesses on any budget! We have a huge range of furnishings that includes high end office furniture backed by a 25 year warranty, affordable office furniture to for new or expanding businesses as well as used office furniture for use in businesses where function prevails over form. Within our outlet showrooms are hundreds of pieces, many of which you can take home the same day!

Office Furniture Outlet

Pictured is an overhead view of our office furniture outlet. This is the view from the back of our outlet, showcasing our offering of used office furniture, at the other end you can view our new office furniture offerings.

Whether you are in the market for new office furniture or gently used office furniture, we have something for everyone! You can browse our selection in person or see an even better showcase of our offerings directly on our website. That’s right, our selection is great to browse in person but if you are not nearby, all of the furniture you can see in our store (and more) can be browsed directly online! We ship new office furniture throughout the lower 48 states and can help you furnish you office space in a snap!

Our sales team can provide you with 2D floor plans, 3D renderings of the finished product and an estimate that details line items included in your order.  Whether you can visit our outlet in person or not, we can help you with all of your office furniture needs. Give us a call at (608) 831-1012 and let us know your needs and we will let you know how we can help!

Ergonomic Office Furniture

The modern society demands a lot of work-input from the average adult, having to spend about half of each day cooped up in offices, engrossed in mounds of work. This isn't just true for the formally employed, but rather almost every economically active individual, whether at an office structure or in a home office. Now, considering the hours on end spent in these offices, the issue of comfort becomes a key aspect that can boost these office occupants’ productivity and ensure a comfortable working environment. As such, office furniture and office space designers have begun to consider ergonomic factors when coming up with their products in a bid to enhance the comfort of this highly-utilized space, ultimately boosting the productivity of the workers within.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a design concept that focuses on people-centric design processes. According to the ‘Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science’ Journal, it can be defined as the application of psychological and physiological principles to the engineering and design of products, processes, and systems.

In simpler terms, ergonomics is simply considering the human component when designing or creating products meant for human consumption. For instance, psychology has shown that the color blue has a relaxing effect on people. Now, Facebook then employs ergonomics when designing its applications and uses the color blue as the main theme color so that people will find the social platform relaxing.

An Ergonomic Workspace

Having established the concept behind ergonomics, it only makes sense that it be applied to the design of the workplace, particularly our office spaces. Now the key features in every office are the furniture, from the work tables, the chairs, to the modern office implements that ad our work such as computers, printers, projectors, writing boards, etc. As such, it only makes sense that all this office furniture should conform to the ergonomics concept since they all contribute to the quality of your office lives.

As implied by the ergonomics definition, ergonomic office furniture should possess 3 key qualities to satisfy the criteria of the concept namely;

  • High Comfort Qualities – people perform better in a comfortable environment. It, therefore makes sense that any furniture design seeking to satisfy office ergonomics should ensure the comfort of the end-user.
  • Seamless Functionality – imagine a filing cabinet that has sticky doors! The frustration and annoyance of dealing with such inconveniences indicate the absence of ergonomic designs. As such, it follows that ergonomic office furniture should provide seamless functionality for all users.
  • The Human Functionality Element – this last quality baffles a lot of designers, many of them entirely overlooking it yet it is just as critical as the others. Consider a super-comfortable chair that doesn’t rotate on its vertical axis. Is it comfortable? Yes! Is it functional as a chair? Absolutely yes again! However, do people always sit facing one direction? What happens if I drop a pencil on my side and need to turn that way? Now, this is where this quality kicks in, ensuring that the design takes into consideration the diverse nature of human movement and other ways in which we function in our daily office lives.

Key & Practical Considerations for Ergonomic Office Furniture

Now that we have outlined the qualities and expectations of ergonomic office furniture, let’s dive a bit deeper and explore some of the key features and considerations that help to satisfy the expected qualities of ergonomic office furniture;

  • Sitting posture / Sitting Position

This is easily the key focus of ergonomic office furniture. Over 90% of the time spent in any office is spent in a chair or a sitting position at the very least. It is, therefore, no surprise that chairs have long since been the main target of ergonomic office designs.
The sitting posture on an ergonomic office chair or for-sitting piece of furniture should maintain the natural ‘S’ posture described by the human spine. A regular chair cannot do that, rather they often force occupants into a 'C' spine posture due to the 'crouching' or leaning-over tendency that it gives.

  • Back & Lumbar Support

Having considered the correct sting posture, ergonomics is also concerned with design features that can further enhance the structural support of the lumbar region. This will help to maintain the furniture user’s spine in the natural ‘S’ curve position even when fully relaxed. The job is often achieved by items such as seat cushions, chair-back cushions, specially-designed lumbar support belts, etc.

  • Body Flexibility

The body is designed to move and rest in certain comfortable ways. That should never be compromised hence the ergonomic design should ensure that there is no restriction or limitation whatsoever imposed by the office furniture.
For instance, any desk that causes you to tuck in your legs n some cramped posture isn’t ergonomically designed. Similarly, furniture like chairs should allow you to twist and turn around as you normally would in the absence of the chair.

  • Customization

Since office furniture is mass-produced, it should be fully customizable to accommodate all sorts of body shapes and sizes for it to be considered ergonomically designed. Features such as legroom, height, breadth, inclination should all be adjustable, especially for furniture like chairs and tables.

  • Therapeutic

Office furniture can also be designed to relieve muscle pain, promote physical activeness of the occupant, and a lot more other therapeutic features. For instance, a chair’s design can have a ‘stretching mode’ which positions your body in a particular position that promotes muscle relief and perhaps even some exercises just like a workout bench.

  • Eye Comfort

This feature is often associated with the use of computers, however, there are numerous office furniture items and features that can affect your eyes’ comfort. For instance, the type of blinds chosen needs to enable sufficient natural light when needed or block it out completely where necessary. Similarly, the color of the décor can easily create an uncomfortable glare or color tone for the whole office.
As for electronic gadgets, designers don't just focus on the computer monitor's glare but also consider other aspects such as the flash of a printer's light, the hum of the air conditioning unit, the lights from the power adapter, etc.
Key Features of Ergonomic Office Furniture
Ergonomic furniture is not an abstract concept, but rather very tangible features and equipment that can be implemented in any workplace to increase productivity. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key and tangible features of ergonomic furniture;

  • Monitor Arms

As suggested by the name, monitor arms are supports for the computer screen that enables easy and effective manipulation of the screen's height angle, orientation, etc. Monitor Arms are a vital component of ergonomic office furniture/equipment since they enable the user to customize the screen to his/her specific fit. After all, people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and each one has a different optimum screen position that works ideally. The common type of monitor arms come with convenient attachment features which allow optimum positioning such as on the desk’s frame itself.

  • Ergonomic Mouse

A computer mouse can also be designed to be ergonomic. Considering that it is one of the most commonly used equipment in any modern office, it is essential that it be very comfortable and convenient for the user. An ergonomic mouse reduces the muscle strain on the hand by fitting in the operating hand in its natural orientation it can actually prevent serious ailments such as arthritis and tendonitis which can be triggered and aggravated by non-ergonomic mouse designs.

  • Seat Cushions

Seat cushions can easily turn a regular chair into a piece of ergonomic office furniture. Since the sitting posture is critical in ensuring the user's comfort, anything that corrects the 'C' sitting posture to an 'S' posture is vital in the event that there are no specially-designed ergonomic chairs available. These seat cushions correct the posture and hence eliminates a major ergonomic risk factor.

  • Ergonomic Chairs

Task chairs are easily another key office furniture requiring an ergonomic design. Almost every second spent in an office is spent in this chair hence the need to have a special design that supports the correct sitting posture, the correct hands-to-table angle, and the correct leg posture. Sometimes, it may be necessary to provide footrests with task chairs for proper ergonomics, especially for shorter people. The same goes for all other sitting furniture such as stools, sometimes referred to as drafting stools.
The kneeling chair is also another specially-designed type of an ergonomic chair that ensures ultimate comfort for the user, relieving the leg muscles of any undue strain that may result from sitting for long hours. The kneeling position on this special chair allows office workers to take a more natural posture on the desk while simultaneously enabling them to have full and easy access to the desk area to do their normal work.

  • Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic desks are another key element of ergonomic office furniture. The main unique feature of these vital office components is the ability to adjust the desk's height. This enables different workers of different heights to fit on the desk comfortable by raising or lowering the surface to the proper level. It also ensures that, as the tasks being carried out changes, the desk orientation changes. For instance, the ideal desk surface level when using the computer is different from the ideal level when drawing.

Ergonomics Overview

Studies by the CDC (center for disease control) showed that over 30% of people who spend 8+ hours in the office each working day experience one kind of skeletal ailment or another. The solution to this worrisome trend is a fully-agronomical approach to office furniture designing. Furniture manufacturers are, therefore urged to consider usability more than the aesthetic and convenience features. Here are some key features to look out for in your office furniture before we proceed to the FAQs;

  • Chairs must enable your hips to be parallel with the knees.
  • Screen filters for monitors
  • Supports for your mouse & keyboard.
  • Adjustable chair arms
  • Sensitive weight-support mechanisms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does ergonomic mean?

Answer: Ergonomic refers to designs that promote seamless interaction between people and their surroundings, tools, and processes as they go about their business. As such, ergonomics refer to the study of the relationship that exists between workers and the essential functions of their job.

  • What is an ergonomic office chair?

Answer: For an office chair to be classified as ergonomic, it must have adjustable features such as the seat's height, the seat's orientation, as well as lumbar support which ensures a natural 'S' position/posture for the spine.

  • What is an ergonomic workspace?

Answer: An ergonomic workspace is one that promotes a comfortable working environment for the occupants such as comfortable furniture, optimum room temperatures, easily accessible tools, functional equipment, etc. It is, therefore, a workplace with optimum productivity.

  • What could be a cause of ergonomic injury?

Answer: Ergonomic injuries result from ergonomic risk factors i.e. the lack of a comfortable working environment, for instance, chairs that cause occupants to crouch forward in a ‘C’ spine shape, cold room temperatures, uncomfortable leg positions under the table due to limited space, etc.

  • What is an ergonomic keyboard?

Answer: This is a keyboard that minimizes muscle strain for the user due to its design features. They often come as V-shaped units, allowing each hand to type in a more comfortable position and angle.

  • What is ergonomic design?

Answer: An ergonomic design is one that takes into consideration the comfort of, and the convenience to, the people who will make use of that design.

  • What are ergonomic risk factors?

Answer: these are the risk factors that are experienced in work environments and arise from work-related activities. The key ergonomic risk factors include; awkward postures (seated or standing), forceful exertions, localized body-contact stresses, vibrations, and exposure to extremes of temperatures.

  • Will ergonomic furniture benefit my business, and how?

Answer: This question is quite popular with business owners. The short answer is YES ergonomic furniture will benefit your business. Your employees or colleagues will spend more time on their comfortable workstations, hence no more endless stretching sessions and less sitting fatigue. You will also experience a marked decrease in physical ailments' absenteeism such as those resulting from backaches.

  • What key features should I consider when buying ergonomic furniture?

Answer: Every piece of furniture needs to be unique for it to be fully ergonomic. Consider main details such as the gender, height, and weight of the intended user. You can also find out their preferred or dominant hand/leg to use for a more personalized touch. All these details will guide your furniture selection and ensure it suits the user perfectly.

  • Is ergonomic furniture expensive?

Answer: every office user is concerned about the cost of setting up the working space. Ergonomic furniture is very affordable, almost similar to the regular furniture, so NO it is not expensive. Remember, you can also achieve an ergonomic workspace by simply rearranging furniture and equipment, then spending only a few necessary special items like chars.

  • Do ergonomic features and standards vary with each job?

Answer: Absolutely yes! There are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ergonomic furniture or an ergonomic workspace. Each job and its executor should be examined and the right features established.

  •   Can natural environmental factors affect workplace ergonomics?

Answer: Yes! Many employers focus only on factors such as furniture and leave their employees to suffer the effects of natural phenomena. Factors such as natural light and temperatures should also be considered and dealt with. For instance, every office space must have air conditioners and artificial lighting to ensure optimum temperatures and visibility.

  • What are the ideal ergonomic furniture conditions on setup?

Answer: Remember, you can have ergonomic furniture but still suffer from ergonomic hazards. Therefore, you need to CORRECTLY set-up your furniture to ensure optimum conditions; a) your arm should form an angle of 90 degrees + when resting on the table, b) your legs must not be suspended, and must also have a 90 degrees + angle (behind the kneecap) when resting, c) your chair’s seat should level with your knees when standing, but only if you have an adjustable desk or your desk space allows it.

  • What is the correct computer monitor features and position?

Answer: your monitor should always have the highest clarity, without glaring up the whole desk. Try to use a lighter shade background. If you have to squint to see on the monitor, you either need to fix the text size or get glasses. A common standard measure is that all text sizes should be kept at about 3mm, and should be visible from 50cm away from the screen.

  • Who is responsible for an ergonomic workspace and is it sufficient grounds for employee disgruntlement?

Answer: this is a tough one, there is just no clear cut answer to it. Rather, politely approach your superiors and try to convince them to implement ergonomic features around the workplace, highlighting the key expected benefits; higher productivity!

Surely, you have an understanding of office ergonomics now. The next step is to adopt the concept in your workspace and experience the benefits that it brings. Don't hesitate to implement due to cost fears because, as discussed earlier, an ergonomic workspace can be achieved by simple efforts such as rearranging furniture and equipment. Of course, you'll still need to spend a little on other unique elements but there are lots of affordable options out there. Good luck!