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Credenzas are some of the most versatile office furniture to have in an office. Traditionally, credenzas have been small desks that at a minimum has enough tabletop area for a phone or small printer. They have grown over the years to include a full writing desk and storage cabinets or a hutch. Credenzas and credenza desks help round out a fully functioning office.

Credenzas and credenza desks offer storage solutions by providing functionality in an accent office furniture piece. They provide hidden storage within the cabinet. Inside the cabinet is shelving that allows for great organization. An example of great use for the cabinetry is storing electronics out of sight in a conference room.

Credenzas also have a small tabletop that works well as a secondary workstation. They are often set directly behind the main desk so that they work in conjunction with the primary desk. This partnership makes for a highly efficient desk workstation. This type of office furniture should be viewed as an assistant to the primary desk.

The tabletop of a credenza isn't intended to hold a computer, but a laptop will work well. In addition a printer, or phone, or even some books or file folders can be stored on the tabletop. Outside of an office, a credenza works well in a breakroom as a beverage cart. Using it for coffee is a great idea, as well as setting a microwave on the tabletop. The internal storage will house the items such as cups, plates, and sugar.

A credenza desk is a great option for a home office or for a child to use for homework. The credenza desk won't take up too much space which is a bonus in a home office. A stylish credenza desk will fit against a wall taking up the minimum space required while offering an excellent workspace to perform tasks. In a home, a credenza desk will make a great gaming desk for multiple monitors with the computer tower tucked away inside the internal storage cabinets.

Our credenzas and credenza desks are made with commercial grade laminate that is extremely durable and scratch resistant. A benefit of a laminate finish is that it has many color options to choose from for your purchase of credenzas or credenza desks. There are many natural wood tones to select as well as some modern tones such as gray, white, black, and espresso which is a deep brown, almost black color that works well with ample natural light.

When searching for credenzas or a credenza desk in our inventory, keep in mind the intended functionality of the office furniture as you browse. Most credenzas are intended to be secondary desks, with a few exceptions. We highly recommend that you do not attempt to purchase one as a primary desk to save money because in the end your workspace will be lacking. The smart purchase of this type of office furniture is to be used in partnership with your primary desk.