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Model Cars / Kits Wholesale Lot

This lot is available for pickup from our main office located in Middleton Wisconsin. You can preview the lot in person before purchasing. If you have questions about this lot please give us a call at (608) 831-1012. The lot manifest is deemed as accurate as possible, all lots should be viewed in person before making your purchase. All lots are sold as-is without warranty of accuracy of lot manifest or individual product condition.

Lot Details

Lot Name: Model Cars / Kits
Lot Number: 2
Total Items: 79
MSRP: $1895.21
Lot Price: Make Offer
Status: Sold

Lot Manifest

Tamiya Model Car Kit$25.991
Tamiya Model Car Kit$29.991
Tamiya Model Car Kit$31.992
Tamiya Model Car Kit$32.993
Tamiya Model Car Kit$33.993
Tamiya Model Car Kit$34.996
Tamiya Model Car Kit$39.993
Tamiya Model Car Kit$41.991
Tamiya Model Car Kit$43.991
Tamiya Model Car Kit$45.991
Tamiya Model Car Kit$51.992
Fujima Model Car Kit$28.992
Fujima Model Car Kit$29.991
Fujima Model Car Kit$32.991
Fujima Model Car Kit$33.991
Revell Model Car Kit$23.994
Revell Model Car Kit$24.992
AMT Model Car Kit$23.991
Monogram Model Car Kit$39.991
Fujimi Model Car Kit$36.991
Fujimi Model Car Kit$37.991
Fujimi Model Car Kit$39.991
Fujimi Model Car Kit$44.991
Maisto Die Cast Car Kit$21.991
Maisto Die Cast Car Kit$22.994
Maisto Die Cast Car Kit$23.993
Assembly Line Die Cast Car Kit$23.991
Assembly Line Die Cast Car Kit$24.991
Maisto Die Cast Car$22.991
American Classic Die Cast Car$23.991
NEX Die Cast Car$23.991
Car Display Case$7.993
M2 Die Cast Car$6.9922

For questions or to make a sales inquiry please call (608) 831-1012.