Selecting the Right Conference Table
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Selecting the Right Conference Table

It's probably not every day you shop for a new conference table, and there are a lot of choices, so we are here to help! Let's get down to the brass tax of selecting the perfect conference table for your meeting space.

#1 Table Size

This is the most important to get right! You want a table that will fit in your boardroom, not so large that it over-powers and not too small that the space is underwhelming. Our minimum recommendation is 42 inches from the wall to the end of the table, for larger rooms that will accommodate 12FT+ conference tables, you may wish to have a 48-inch (or larger) gap between the end of your table and the wall.

#2 Number of Chairs

This can be a complicated part of making your purchase but in general you can fit one chair for every foot of length of table. So a 8FT table can normally accommodate 8 chairs. If you want a bit more space between chairs just subtract 2. This rule of thumb can be used for just about any length conference table. As with anything though, take a little time to use your best judgement!

#3 Construction Material

You have 3 choice of construction material, laminate, veneer and solid wood. The material can affect the lifespan of your conference table, it’s appearance in your boardroom and the price. In most scenarios, we recommend customers purchase laminate. It is the most cost effective and still looks great in a boardroom. If you have a large company and are looking to create a meeting space for executives or are looking for something more permanent, veneer or solid wood are two other great options we offer.

Laminate Conference Tables

  1. Our top pick for affordable laminate conference tables are manufactured by the Storlie Company and a part of the Harmony Collection. These come in a number of different shapes, sizes, styles and backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. In most cases you can receive a Harmony Collection Conference Table in as little as 3-10 business days.
  2. If you are looking for something a little higher end but want to stick with the affordability of the laminate products, we recommend the Quorum Multiconference series by Groupe Lacasse. These can be purchased with as Thermofused Laminate or High-Pressure Laminate. Thermofused includes a 5-year warranty while for a small added cost, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) can be implemented to extend the life of the table which is backed by a 25-year warranty.
  3. Another manufacturer to consider are laminate tables from Express Office Furniture. They have less options but still a great selection when paired with their other office furniture. These are the most affordable conference tables we have to offer.

Veneer and Solid Wood Conference Tables

If veneer or solid wood are what you are looking for, the tables from the Jasper Desk Company are second to none. Manufactured in Indiana, they have been producing custom wood and veneer office furniture since 1889. To have a table quoted, please call us at (608) 831-1012 where our sales team can work with you one-on-one to help you get the perfect table for your boardroom!

#4 Shape

Conference tables come in a number of different shapes! Most commonly they are produced with square, rectangular, boat shaped or racetrack shaped tabletops. If you need other shapes like a T shape or U shape, we generally recommend using modular training tables to accommodate space in your meeting room. If you’re looking for something a little more custom, both Groupe Lacasse and Jasper Desk Company can provide custom manufacturing. Just give us a call and we can arrange that for you.

#5 Finish

The finish of your conference table is important. Between all of our vendors we have over 50 choices of tabletop finishes. Most commonly picked are Cherry, Espresso, Gray Woodgrain, Walnut, White.

#6 Legs & Bases

Each manufacturer has it's own selection of table bases but here is an overview of your options and what you can expect from each. A common base is just a simple laminate base with nothing fancy, it's economical and affordable. A step up would be a laminate base with aluminum accents or a base constructed entirely of brushed metal which provides a modern or contemporary look. Finally, the best option if you are concerned about cable management while still offering a clean look would be a hollow cube base or cylinder base leg which can house cables from power outlet modules that can run directly to the floor where electrical and networking are connected from your building.

#7 Power Outlet Modules

If you are concerned about being able to connect to AC Power, USB Power, HDMI Video Ports or Ethernet Networking ports, power modules are a must. The great thing is, whether you choose to go with the Harmony Collection, Quorum Multiconference or Jasper, they all give you options for plug and play power modules. This means no cutting into your table by installers. All of the fabrication is done within the factory and this upgrade is a industry standard, so there will be no delays when processing your order to add power and data connectivity.

#8 Your Timeline

Finally, our last bit of advice when going to purchase your conference table is consideration for your timeline. Conference tables which are á-la carte generally ship a lot faster than something that is going to be custom manufactured for your company. Laminate products usually ship in as little as 3-10 days while veneers, solid wood and custom orders may take a bit more time. It's important, if you have a deadline, that you check to see if the table you need is in stock and when it would be expected to ship.

If you have any other questions about purchasing a conference table or want to chat directly with one of our sales associates, just give us a call at (608) 831-1012 where we can guide you through the process of finding the right conference table for your office!

Conference Table & Chair Sets We Recommend!

The following are our top selling conference table and chair sets. If you are looking for an easy choice, these tables will provide you with a contemporary look, include matching chairs and have the option to add plug-and-play power modules to your table. In most cases, these sets leave our facility in 1-3 business days and arrive to you in 7-10 days!

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