Peninsula Desk Home Office Furniture Buying Guide
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Peninsula Desk Buying Guide

Peninsula Desk Buying Guide

Peninsula desks are perfect for people who need a meeting space at their desk. Compared to a bow front desk that create a formal meeting space for guests, a peninsula desk offers a more casual meeting space with less obstruction between you and a customer or staff.

Peninsulas are generally added on a straight desk to create an L shape desk or added to an L shape desk to create a U shape desk. With custom laminate desks, there are many options for you to add your peninsula conference space and it can all be done seamlessly where the peninsula piece matches your desk perfectly along with other furniture in your office.

Three different types of peninsulas that we can add to your desk are a basic D shape bullet peninsula with a leg and partial modesty panel, a curved corner peninsula with a full laminate modesty panel or a cockpit peninsula which offers modern appearance and an attractive metal modesty panel.

If you need a peninsula on your desk, you can use that as a starting point and build your desk around it. If you are creating a large U shape desk next you would add a bridge or a modular sit stand desk riser and to the opposite side of that you can add a main desk shell, bow front desk or even a credenza desk shell with a hutch where you can maximize storage if you went with a desk riser for your bridge where your computer would be placed.

We have two lines of office furniture where you can create desks with peninsulas, Express Office Furniture and the Harmony Collection. Each offers similar manufacturing quality, pricing and assembly. The primary differences are the color choices where between the two companies can you choose from finishing including Espresso, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Modern Walnut, Mahogany and Honey.

Here we have two U shaped desks with peninsulas in a Cherry finish that are manufactured by Express Office Furniture. Each are similar in size but one offers more storage than the other with modular pieces which include a hutch and bookcase.

U Shape Peninsula Desk
U Shape Peninsula Desk with Drawers
U Shape Peninsula Desk with Hutch and Bookcase
U Shape Peninsula Desk with Hutch and Bookcase

As an example to how you can modify these to create the perfect desk space the following desk is manufactured by the same company with a relatively similar setup but in a Dark Walnut finish with a curved cockpit, paper flows, a wardrobe storage cabinet and nice frosted glass accent doors.

Peninsula Desk with Hutch and Glass Accent Doors

Lastly in our comparison is a full executive desk set from Harmony Collection that showcases the curved corner peninsula with a full laminate modesty panel and black leg. This desk is in a Modern Walnut finish and includes a large combo storage cabinet under a credenza desk shell, lateral file and two hutches both with frosted glass doors.

Executive Peninsula Desk with Frosted Glass Hutch and Lateral Storage

Another creative use of office furniture is this large modular double peninsula desk for two people. Between to the two work spaces is a shared workspace for meeting and discussion about any collaborative projects that the team is working on. The privacy panels mounted on the desks work as an accent piece and in a large office environment where many workstations or desk pods are installed, these can act as a sound barrier between the desks with a similar affect to cubicles but a more attractive open option.

Double Peninsula Desk

If you need a smaller desk and don’t want to use a hutch a good option is to replace it with a storage cabinet wall unit. These match the desks perfectly but do not take up any space on the desk or cast any shadows providing more ambient light in the work space.

Peninsula Desk Wall Unit

For a very basic desk setup with a meeting space this L shaped peninsula desk offers simplicity and storage at a very affordable price. It can be purchased in numerous finish options.

L Shaped Peninsula Desk

That does it for our round up of peninsula office desks. These can all be purchased with the finish, size variation and matching office furniture to complete your desk space. There are no delays when making modifications to the desk setup as most pieces are in stock and ready to ship out the same or next business day.

Whether you are looking for a single desk, a two person workstation or a pod of 4 or more desks, these peninsula desks are perfect for creating working environments that not only offer ample storage and desktop space but also a place to casually meet.

Did we mention the durability of these desks? You can buy them without any concern as they will far outlast anything you can buy at big box stores and even include a 5 year manufacturers warranty to back that up. That’s right, they will look as new as they day you bought it for years to come, every time you clean off your desk it is like walking into a brand new desk set. They naturally resist scratches, dents and dings so you can resist easy that when you buy any of these desks, you are making a sound investment.

Peninsula desks not only provide a space for meeting but can work to increase the amount of desk space you have. This increases the amount of paperwork you can have out on your desk or even other electronics along side your computer like a laptop, printer, scanner, monitors and other peripherals that you might use on a daily basis.

Given that the desks are fully customizable, you can have a bridge in a U shape in a number of different lengths and these look great in a home office where it provides an open layout and are also great in management offices in businesses.

In most cases we can have these desks shipped to your door in as little as 3-5 days! Whatever your desk and office furniture needs, we welcome you to give us a call at (608) 831-1012 so we can work with you to create the perfect desk set for your office space.

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