Creating Two or Four Person Workstation Pods with L Shaped Desks
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Creating Two or Four Person Workstation Pods with L Shaped Desks

For most people an L-Shaped Desk is an ideal amount of space for paperwork, monitors, a laptop and other desk accessories. Because of this businesses frequently use L-Shaped desks to create desk pods or groups of workstations which can be put together to create a large U or T shape with two desks or a Plus shape with a pod of four desks.

L shaped desks come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes but by far the most popular for create multiple person workstations is with the Laminate lines by Express Office Furniture and Harmony which are not only affordable but can be customized and upgraded which additional storage and acrylic or fabric privacy panels to offer privacy between staff.

The following images will help you visualize how you can take one single L-Shaped Desk, and pair it with a second or four to create open collaborative workspaces for employees.

L Shaped Desk

A single L-Shaped desk in Dark Walnut with two sets of locking drawers by Express Office Furniture.

Two Person L Shaped Desk

A similar two person workstation in espresso with whiteboard and fabric privacy panels and locking drawers by Harmony Collection.

Four Person L Shaped Desk

A deluxe high-end 4 person workstation pod that is perfect for collaboration between four people by Harmony Collection. Not only is this design affordable, it is compact and allows you to maximize the square footage in your office.

These desks are also available in other finishes including Cherry, Modern Walnut, Mahogany, White, Honey and Maple. The return can be installed on either side of the desks and optional accessories including keyboard tray, desk drawer storage and privacy panels can be added and removed from the workstation clusters as needed.

Not only are desk pods like this affordable, they allow groups of staff to work together and collaborate on projects. If you are installing desk pods like this in a large space, free-standing SpaceMax cubicle privacy panels can be installed every 4 or 8 workstations to act as a sound barrier and keep distractions in the office to a minimum.

Desk setups like these can be ordered from us and delivered to your business in as little as 3-10 days. So whatever your office furniture needs, we welcome you to give us a call and let us work to provide you with affordable solutions to fully furnish your business.

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