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Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture can be a great option as opposed to buying new. Startups and new businesses who are trying to get themselves established should always consider buying used as it is generally a more affordable option in the short run. In the long run however, there are new options that can be aggressively priced and will outlast a set of used office furniture.

One of the biggest drawbacks to buying used office furniture is your office will generally look hodge-podge as it is difficult to find a full matching set of used office furniture. Nevertheless, when buying a set of used office furniture, you can work directly with your local office furniture company to help you choose the right pieces that will be a good fit for your company. If you furnish an entire business, it’s likely they will pass discounts on to you if you ask. A reasonable discount on a set of desks, filing cabinets, tables and chairs might be 10% off your order total or possibly free delivery.

When buying used office furniture it is important to shop around. Locally, you should consider which of the office furniture companies near you are selling the most used office furniture and work with them. Why? Because the companies who sell the most are most likely giving out the best deals and offering the furniture at a reasonable price. Many office furniture dealers may substantially mark up the costs of used office furniture for the fact that it is expensive to source, move, store and advertise.

Use your best judgement here, if you feel like you are getting a good deal and the office furniture company is treating you well, then you probably have made a good choice! Whenever possible, elect to have the company you are purchasing from deliver and install the furniture. Why? Because office furniture can be extremely heavy and awkward to move. In many cases you will have to track down oversize vehicles or make multiple trips to move the furniture. In some cases office furniture dealers have an in house delivery team that can get the furniture delivered to you for less then cost to rent a truck and gas!

When shopping for used office furniture for your business you will want to search for the following items:

  • Enough desks or workstations for your entire staff – Upper level management should receive their own desk while you may consider open office floor plans for the rest of your staff. This can work to keep startup costs down.
  • Filing cabinets – Yes, even though we are storing 99% of our files on computers, you will still need a place to store miscellaneous paperwork such as your LLC filings paperwork, seller’s permits or trademarks.
  • Storage Cabinets – This is likely more important to a small business then filing cabinets but could be overlooked. When your office becomes cluttered with odds and ends you are going to want a place to put them, so metal or laminate storage cabinets will play a crucial role in keeping your business neat and organized. These can be a little more difficult to find then filing cabinets, so if you find a good deal on a used storage cabinet, don’t think twice, just grab it!
  • Office Chairs – This has likely not slipped your mind, but you’re going to want to find comfortable chairs for everyone in your office. It’s a great idea to have each staff member pick out their own chair because a chair that is comfortable to one person might not sit well with the next. If you are buying a lot of chairs, it never hurts to ask if they can provide a discount. You have a 50/50 chance of saving a bit of money here and it never hurts to ask!
  • Guest Chairs – You may or may not have thought of this one. If you are new business the idea may have slipped by but in any case, you should budget for it when outfitting your office. Every managerial desk should have a pair of guest chairs for meetings. These are most commonly placed at the end of a U shaped desk in a private office and will work to serve visitors of all types, customers, clients, coworkers and other visitors to your office.
  • Waiting Room Seating – This could comprise of a few nice guest chairs, a sofa, loveseat or club chairs. It is rare to find gently used sofa’s and loveseats that are made for businesses but if you find one that suits your taste, this is another good buy if you can find it reasonably priced.
  • Tables – You may need a range of tables including breakroom tables, conference tables, as well as coffee tables and end tables for your waiting room. Deals on these items used are hit and miss. If you are looking to purchase them used, you will always save money but you’re limited to what you are able to find.
  • Cubicles – Yes, you can even purchase used cubicles! One thing to take into consideration if you choose to purchase them used is that you will need to have them installed in the same configuration as they were before they were taken down. If you choose to change the layout, you could find yourself missing parts! This is not something we recommend purchasing without installation, otherwise (unless you have experience) you could find the project daunting. Whoever you are buying your cubicles from should offer installation, otherwise, it might be best to steer clear!

Those right there are the big-ticket items you will want to consider when purchasing used office furniture. As always, take your time and shop around, find the best deals and purchase the furniture you like. Buying used office furniture is always a cheap alternative to buying new when you are on a budget and sometimes, you can walk away with some serious high end furniture and a fraction of the price of what it would cost new.

A couple of great examples for you are Steelcase Leap chairs which retail for an excess of $1,000 a piece and can be purchased on the gently used market for somewhere between $250 and $350 a chair. Steelcase Criterion chairs are similar and can be found in many used office furniture stores priced between $40 and $150 a piece where they otherwise sell for $1,000 a piece.

In the realm of desks, a used solid wood executive desk might sell for $1,500 while a new solid wood desk could run $25,000. Why is it so much cheaper? Because they are heavy and you have to be okay with that.

Used Office Furniture

Pictured is our used office furniture showroom. On display we have several laminate desks, stacking chairs, metal bookcases, filing cabinets, folding tables and storage cabinets. These items are since sold and if you would like to view our current stock, please check our used office furniture inventory page.

On a final note, from a long time dealer of Used Office Furniture, if you are shopping for desks, look specifically for laminate desks that were manufactured in the last 5-10 years. While these may be a bit more expensive on the front end, they come at a discount, are reasonable in terms of weight and can hold up to years of use without showing the slightest bit of tear. You can also ask the dealer if they have any scratch and dent floor models that they are looking to get rid of!

Used Office Furniture
Used Stacking Chairs
Used Tables


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