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Office Furniture Liquidators

Office Furniture Liquidators

As office furniture liquidators, we specialize in the procurement of and transfer of ownership of office furniture from one business or person to another. Large scale business liquidations often times result in a large amount of overstocked furniture that is then resold to customers at bargain prices. Our goal as liquidators is not only to provide furniture at affordable prices but to also serve as a green and sustainable office furniture solution as compared to our competitors who frequently dispose of used office furniture in the landfill.

From the start, our mission has been to find and relocate office furniture as efficiently as possible. Sometimes this comes at a cost to the owner of the furniture while other times the furniture may be hauled away for free or they might be paid for the furniture. Every scenario and every liquidation is different and depending on the logistics and conditions of the marketplace, office furniture that has been liquidated is priced accordingly.

We frequently liquidate desks, cubicles, office chairs, tables, filing cabinets, storage cabinet, appliances, office equipment, storage shelves and décor from businesses. Shortly after these liquidations occur the items become available on our website and in our showroom. Customers who keep tabs on our used office furniture inventory page are then able to poach the best deals from these liquidations.

Businesses that are looking to have their offices liquidated need only to give us a call and let us know some of the details of what items you are looking to get rid of. In most cases we will ask for photos that well represent the office furniture you are trying to get rid of and your timeline to have it removed from your space. If we have the resources and capacity to handle your liquidation, we will provide you with details on how we will proceed and conduct the liquidation on a schedule.

Office Furniture Liquidation

Pictured is a batch of liquidated office furniture shortly after arriving into one of our warehouses. As you can see in the photo, care is taken to move and store the furniture in a safe and efficient manner.

To stay on top of liquidated items that entire our warehouses, we suggest you keep an eye on our used office furniture page where items are posted shortly after we receive them. All of these items are first come first served as each item is unique and not always available in large quantities! If you want to reserve items you can give us a call and place a deposit on the items to create a hold while you make time in your schedule to view them in person!

If you are looking for specific items that are not available on our website, just let our sales team know and they can check to see if there are items scheduled to be liquidated that might fit your needs!


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