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Discount Office Furniture

If you’re looking for discount office furniture, you have come to the right place. At Madison Liquidators we are dedicated to getting our customers the best deals possible making quality office furniture affordable. We have  a number of avenues we can explore when it comes to quoting your office furniture job, whether it is one desk or an entire office building, we have methods that we apply generously to keep the costs down, so you can get higher end product from us for less than you would pay anywhere else.

Our discount program is not a one size fits all solution, meaning in every scenario has a number of factors to take into consideration before discounts can be applied. Here are some things that are taken into account when applying discounts to your office furniture purchase.

Quantity - If you are purchasing a lot of something, furnishing an entire office, an office building or buying anything in bulk, you are likely to qualify for discounts based on quantity alone. When you purchase in bulk, you are committing yourself and your businesses resources with us and in turn, we apply discounts where-ever possible.

Availability – If the item you are purchasing has been recently liquidated from a business and we are holding large quantities of the item, chances are you already receiving it at a steeply discounted rate. On the other side of the token, if a product is in high demand or we have few available, discounts on top of our current rates may not be possible. Supply and demand plays a large role in this category.

Closeouts – Sometimes manufacturers extend discounts to us on furniture that is being removed from their product line. Although we might or might not be advertising these deals, they are frequently available. This discount can be provided to you in full however you should make a special request with our sales team to see if there is any furniture that is being discontinued that would work for your project. Just because something is being discontinued doesn’t mean it’s not high quality and would still have the same warranty as any other new pieces you purchase from us!

Logistics – Location and logistics are a big determining factor with applying discounts on standard or large orders. In some cases we are able to apply discounts when you bundle in delivery and assembly services, or discounts may be received depending on the region of United States you are located in.

Discount Desk

Pictured is a discounted desk which we keep overstocked in our warehouse. By doing this, we reduce the cost of logistics and are able to offer this workstation at a discounted rate. Normally the desk sells for $470.00, however it is discounted to just $370.00 per desk!

The long and short of it is that we will go out of our way to provide you with discount office furniture whenever possible! If something is not quite meeting your budget or you need to save some, just let our sales team know your budget so they can work with you to get the best office furniture possible!

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