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Enclave™ Edge Clamp Lever Bracket

Removable mount on edge of desk or table top. Clamp fits 3/4″ to 2″ thick tops.

Price: $25.00 $33.00

  • Fast & easy installation and relocation
  • Mount along the edge of work surface
  • Clamp fits 3/4” to 2” thick tops
  • No screwing or drilling into work surface required
  • Clamp position on panel is adjustable
  • This product is not currently available for individual resale! Due to covid related shortages, the manufacturer will only ship these brackets with the purchase of corresponding divider panels.

Parts List

Please note that for items with multiple size options, the parts list may be slightly modified to meet the dimensions requested.

QTYPart NumberDescriptionPriceTotal
1SCELEdge Clamp Lever Bracket$25.00$25.00
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