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Office Cubicle Workstation Desk with Drawers

The EZCube Plus system by RSI Systems Furniture provides a simple, fast and affordable solution for providing work space in the office. The EZCube Plus is assembled using 3.25" thick panels to provide privacy and sound absorption. Manufactured in the USA and quality backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Price:$4,255.00 $8,507.36

  • Powered 3.25" thick panels for privacy and sound absorption.
  • Can be purchased in rows or pods to make the most of your space.
  • Each workstation measures approximately 6FT x 6FT, the panel is 48" and glass is 18" high.
  • Includes mobile box-box-file w/ cushion.
  • Seat cushion available in 18 different grade 2 fabrics including tan, gray, blue, green, red, black and more.
  • 3 standard fabric options and 18 upgrade fabric options.
  • Workstation pricing based on Grade 1 fabric.
  • Fully modular systems allows you to receive exactly the setup you need for your space.
  • Quality backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Note: When purchased in rows or pods, the price per workstation may decrease depending on the setup you need. Please contact our sales team at (608) 831-1012 to have a free floor plan, renderings of your space will look like and a detailed estimate.

Grey Cypress
Grey Cypress
 Modern Walnut
Modern Walnut
Need help designing a complete office? Our sales team can provide you with floor plans, renderings and free estimate!

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