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Enclave™ Plexiglass Privacy Plus Workstation Side Shield

The Enclave™ Privacy Plus Wing Panel is manufactured with acrylic and designed to offer privacy in the workplace. The panel has a 8 inch extension that hangs over the edge of your desk, table or workstation. Several mounting options are available including free-standing, clamp and desktop mount.

Bracket Mount:Bracket Mount:

  • Panels extend 8 inches past desk or countertop surfaces for added barrier protection
  • Panels widths are listed as the length of the panel that mounts to the desk or countertop, the extra 8″ overhang is in addition to the width dimension
  • Available in several widths and heights for maximum coverage
  • Available in materials that can be cleaned and disinfected including Acrylic, Acoustic EchoScape and Fabric
  • Removable and permanent mounting options available
  • Lead time 5 to 7 weeks
  • Made in the USA
  • Customization available – special materials, sizes, shapes and mounting options

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