Choosing a Conference Table Connectivity Box
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Choosing a Conference Table Connectivity Box

Nick NiesenBy Nick Niesen
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September 14th, 2017

Choosing the right conference table connectivity box doesn’t have to be hard. If you know all of your requirements such as design, size and type of connections you can quickly narrow it down by comparing the different connectivity boxes that are available on the market.

The power modules are usually available in black or silver and can include pop-up, flip, enclosed or exposed plugs and data ports. You want a power center that will look good on your table so selecting the type that will look based on the amount of time you think you will be using the power module is something to consider.

Here we have a look at our most popular connectivity box which is the PLT-B Power. This box can be installed seamlessly into Harmony Collection conference tables that have pre-cut grommets so if you haven’t yet purchased a conference table with power grommet, buying a Harmony Collection line conference table should be something you could take into consideration.

Conference Table Connectivity Box

PLT-B Power Connectivity Box

Compatible with Harmony Collection Conference Tables
Price: $250.00
Colors: Black or Silver
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Power & Data Connections

When considering a media box for your conference table you can take the following power and data connections into consideration. There are numerous combinations and types of connections so make a list of the types you need and when selecting a power grommet, you can use a check list to choose the right one.

Power Outlets
Conference Table Power Outlets
USB Ports
Conference Table USB Ports
Ethernet Ports
Conference Table Ethernet Data Port
Phone Jacks
Conference Table Telephone Jack
HDMI Video
Conference Table HDMI Video Port

Electrical Power Outlets

AC Power Outlets will allow you to run power to larger electronics such as projectors or laptops on your conference table. In most cases a power grommet will have at least two AC Power Outlets. On the underside of a connectivity box a long electrical power cord will allow you to plug into an outlet on the floor or somewhere else in the vicinity of the conference table.

USB Power Outlets

USB Power Outlets allow you to charge cell phones and tablets while attending meetings in a boardroom. This can be useful for anyone attending the meeting which could include clients or staff. The power outlets are strictly for powering devices and will not provide data. If you need USB data, be sure the connectivity box that you buy includes data.

USB Data Outlets

USB Data outlets will allow you to communicate with printers, scanners and other devices in your boardroom. These will also work to charge smartphones and tablets. On the under-side of the connectivity box you will be able to plug a USB extension cable into the module and run that to whatever you want to connect to. This could include computers or any USB compatible peripheral.

RJ45 Ethernet Network Data Outlets

Ethernet data outlets allow you to connect to a wired business network; allowing you to access file servers, computers and network based printers or scanners. These can be useful when a business network is completely wired and does not broadcast a wireless network connection.

Landline Telephone Outlets

If you need to take phone calls in your boardroom, a connectivity box with landline outlets will allow you connect a telephone line through the underside of your conference table and up onto the conference table top. There are various uses for this including taking conference calls with anyone who is unable to attend a meeting in person or to make outgoing calls.

HDMI Video Outlets

Having an HDMI video outlet on your connectivity box allows you to run a cable from your TV or Monitor to the bottom side of your conference table, into a connection box and through to a laptop or other device to broadcast video or other media to people attending meetings in your conference room.

Connectivity Box Side by Side Comparison

The following chart will give you a side by side comparison of connectivity boxes that we have to offer. You can use this to narrow down which power grommet will work best for your conference table.

ModelPictureSizePricePowerUSB PowerUSB DataNetworkTelephoneHDMI
PLT-B PowerConference Table Power Outlets4.5" x 9" x 3.75"
4.75" x 9.75" x 4"
EL-DEPL-LConference Table Electrical Power Outlet3.75 / 5" x 7.75" x 4.18"
4.75" x 8.75" x 4.25"
ELE-T006AConference Table Pop Up Box4" x 7.75" x 2.5"
5" x 9" x 2.625"

Connectivity Box Installation

Some connectivity boxes are entirely plug and play where you can drop them into a precut grommet and run whatever cables you need into them while others will require you to make modifications to your conference table. Modifying a conference table to house a connectivity box isn’t overly difficult if you have experience with a drill and jigsaw however if you have limited carpentry experience we suggest to contact a local furniture installer or general contractor.

Our guide on Adding Power Outlets to a Conference Table will help you from start to finish with selecting and installing your connectivity box.

Nick Niesen
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